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Horizon Hobby RC Fest 2018

Giant Horizon Hobby RC Fest 2018 Gallery!

Last weekend, over the three days of Horizon Hobby’s RC Fest, we saw some incredible things. Perhaps the biggest was the coming together of the best of Horizon Hobby, with the best from their long time rivals, Hobbico. At first it was a bit shocking to see a Tower Hobbies banner sitting inside the Horizon Hobby “booth”, but we had to realize just how awesome it is to still have iconic Tower Hobbies around. Not only that, but the former Hobbico staffers now have a new future to look forward to, one that is very bright.

Overall, the staff at Horizon did an amazing job of putting RC Fest together this year. With a lot more events, open driving and flying by hobbyists, camping, and a huge number of other changes, the 2018 RC Fest was a massive undertaking and they pulled it off well. Attendance Friday and Saturday was more than expected, with enough people on hand Saturday to require parking in their overflow areas. Manufacturer support was also at an all-time high, with companies like Pro-Line and Venom going above and beyond to bring a great experience to show attendees.

Eli Field was well prepped and ready to handle the thousands upon thousands that attended. And, just like they have done in the past, Horizon put on a fireworks display (32 minutes long!) that would make a whole of towns envious come this 4th of July! The food was great, just like it always is in Champaign, plus there were plenty of places to buy ice-cream, soda, beer, etc.

For our BigSquidRC Bash Crew, the highlight of RC Fest was the people. It was fantastic to meet and talk with so many other people working in our industry, but the best part was meeting other hobbyists. Of course we met hundreds of surface people, but RC Fest also allowed us to meet and learn more about the air side of our hobby. It was also cool to see that no matter what you drove, or flew, that everyone just got along at RC Fest. The event as a whole really did bring the rc community together. In fact, the true beauty of the event was watching the different genres come together and just hang out and chit-chat about how different, yet alike, their genre was.

As a whole, Horizon’s RC Fest was the ultimate rc event. It had incredible events to participate in, it had open driving and flying, it had great weather, but most importantly, it had a fantastic atmosphere. If you are a hobbyist that wants to experience the best of what this hobby has to offer, you should start planning your trip to Monticello, Illinois for RC Fest 2019 now!

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