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Gmade GS02F Komodo Double Cab TS Kit

Gmade 1/10 GS02F Komodo Double Cab TS Kit

Just announced by Gmade is the GS02F Komodo Double Cab TS Kit. The Double Cab version of the Komodo is big on scale realism, with a highly capable chassis underneath. Check out these highlights-

* Steel ladder frame
* Realistic inner fenders
* Adjustable wheelbase
* Front weight bias w/ front motor to improve climbing
* Multiple battery locations
* Chassis mounted servo
* Stock front overdrive
* 2 speed transmission
* Torque twist reduction transmission
* GA44 scale axles
* Adjustable caster
* Zero Ackermann steering
* SD aluminum scaler shocks
* Clear lexan body
* 1.9″ wheels

The Gmade GS02F Komodo Double Cab TS Kit has a part number of #GM57010 and is street priced at just $319.

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