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Graupner GM Genius 120R +T PRO V2 Review

Graupner GM Genius 120R +T PRO V2 Review

Ever notice how you can never have enough ESCs? Ya, us too. In our never ending quest to find the best ESC on the planet, we got with Graupner USA and asked them for a 1/10th ESC that could do it all. What we received was the GM Genius 120R +T PRO V2. The 120R is a high-end brushless ESC that is packed with high end features. How does the 120R drive? Did it survive testing? How smooth is its throttle response? Read on to find out those answers and more, much more…

From: Graupner USA
Direct Link: GM Genius 120R +T PRO V2 ESC

Review By: Cubby
Pictures By: T-Money


Brushless Or Brushed- Operates both
Sensored Or Sensorless- Both
LiPO- 1-2cells
LiFe- 2cells
NiMh- 4-6 cells
On-Resistance at 25°C- 0.00065O/phase
Rated Current- 764A/phase
Brushless Motor Limit- Over 3.5 turns
Brushed Motor Limit- Over 4 turns
BEC- 6.0V, 3.0A
BEC Voltage Range- 6 to 7.4
Current Limiting- Yes
Booster- Yes
Turbo- Yes
Forward & Brake Only- Yes
Forward, Brake & Reverse- Yes
USB Update Firmware- Yes
Overtemp. Protection- Yes
Low Voltage Cut-off Protection- Yes
Power and motor wires- 3.5mm²
Plugged Fan- Yes
Dimensions- 32 x 38.6 x 29.4 mm
Weight- 60g w/fan
Part Number- #S3051
Warranty- 1 year limited
Price- $129

Build Quality- We let a half dozen Bash Crew members inspect the ESC. After a close look over, we could find no faults with its construction.

Test Drivers- Hawaiian Christopher, Don The Legend, Iron Mikeee, T-$$$, and yours truly.

Test Platform- We mounted the speedo in a Durango DEX210 race buggy. The ESC was used on a TrakPower 8.5 sensored brushless motor. A 2S LiPo battery was used to power the ESC.

Ease of Use- We found the set-up process on the speedo to be quite simple. The ESC came stock without reverse, which is the way we left it (most of the time) for the install we were doing. Calibration to a radio is super simple, just hit a button then do “neutral/WFO/brake” with the radio. Once past simple radio calibration, making other changes was also easy. To, lets say, change the ESC from forward/brake to forward/brake/reverse, takes hitting a button, then using the throttle on the radio to change the program. Very fast, very simple.

Driving Performance- We put down some serious laps with the 120R +T PRO V2 and found it absolutely top notch. We instantly liked the ESC’s ultra-smooth power curve and how buttery smooth it was at initial take-off. In our race buggy, the ultra-smooth power made it easier to drive on a slick outdoor track. On a high bite surface, we noticed loads of power. On the braking side of things, the Graupner does not lack for power. In fact, we felt like it was programmed a bit aggressively on the lower input levels of brake. That is easily changed, and would probably feel about right if we had been driving a 4wd vehicle.

Durability Testing- Well, we couldn’t/didn’t do anything too crazy. However, what we did do was gear up our motor like crazy in an attempt to put the ESC into thermal shutdown. That simply didn’t work. After a 6 minute run out on the track, we temped the 120R at just 105 degrees (ambient was 65). During our testing period, the speedo ran quite cool and we experienced no issues with it whatsoever. We also jumped our buggy off the drivers stand, as well as casing dozens of big jumps, all to no avail in destroying the ESC.

Misc Notes-

Real time telemetry? Oh ya, the Graupner has it! Use the ESC with a Graupner X-8E (or X-8N) and you can watch (or listen to) real time telemetry from the transmitter.

The Graupner comes with all the wiring you need. Even better, all the wiring is plenty long for a normal install. However, if you are a noob, it will take some soldering to get it up and going. That is actually a good thing. Why? Because you really should know how to solder if you are in this hobby.

After we had finished “normal” testing, we hooked up a high torque Savox servo to see if we could get the BEC on the Graupner to brown out. It did not.

While the instructions did a fine job of covering the basics, we would liked to have seen more of the advanced operations explained in greater depth.


Car Show Rating: A The 120R is a one sharp looking ESC. With black anodizing and tasteful signage, our Bash Crew loved how the ESC looked.

Bash-A-Bility: A While we gave it the old college try, we were not able to break or burn it up.

Power: A We noticed awesome amounts of power in our install. Better still, the Graupner had a buttery smooth power curve, thus making the buggy we installed it in easier to drive (fast) than ever.

Fun Factor: A Does the Graupner rip? Absolutely. Our Bash Crew had an awesome time driving the ESC. Our race buggy had loads of rip from bottom to top.

Value: B Have you priced high-end ESCs lately? The Graupner comes in at $129, a solid price point for a race oriented speedo that is loaded with bells and whistles.

Big Squid Rating: A- The Graupner GM Genius 120R +T PRO V2 is a fantastic ESC. Among all the ESCs that we have ever tested, the Graupner just might the smoothest, and that is saying something. If you are looking for one of the best ESCs that you can find for your tenth scaler, have a good hard look at the Graupner, we are big fans of it.

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