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Graupner HoTTrigger 1400 Sport 3D Red ARF

Graupner HoTTrigger 1400 Sport 3D Red ARF

Shipping now from Graupner is the HoTTrigger 1400 Sport 3D ARF in red. The HoTTrigger was designed for a wide flight envelope, meaning it is easy to go from low speed to high speed flight. It can be flown by sport pilots, but also has the 3D capabilities to be fun for those experienced with 3D flight.

* Aluminum primary landing gear
* Carbon tube in main wing
* No screw, quick lock wing assembly
* Easy access battery compartment
* Powerful, 4S capable motor

Street pricing comes in at just $249 and it has a part number of #13400.SD. Want more details? They are easily found After The Jump over to Graupner’s official website.

Use This Link to read more Graupner news on Big Squid.


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