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RC Drag Racing – Lynwood Follow up – Growing Pains

First of all I’d like to thank Jerry (Lynnwood Dragway) for hosting the Midwest series race 2. Also a big thanks to John(NitroRage) setting up the ladder and keeping an open mind when suggestions were made. The Onstat Crew did a great job of prepping the track as well. A huge thank you to Blair K.and Richard P. from TN, Dane and Dustin from Richmond IN , Gary from WI, Robb (Shredder X) from NJ, Hollywood Tim Mohr from St. Louis and Brian( Big Squid) that travaled from out of state to race with us. Of course it goes without saying thank you to all the local racers as well.

For those of you that were not able to attend this past event…….the weather was in the mid to high 60s on Sat. with strong winds..Sunday was freakin COLD but at least it wasn’t as windy.The racers did their best to get down the track and most were very successful. I won’t get into who ran what or who won what because I don’t have that information and I know that John(NitroRage) will post that soon. What I do want to tell you guys is that the racing was HOT!! The Pro-Mod class was the biggest and it had some great action and some spectacular crashes….yours truly being one of them. The Street Car class(bracket)made a nice showing as did the Unlimited Dragster. Funny Car was not a big class this time around. Pro-Stock Bike made its first Lynnwood showing and was in my opinion some of the closest and exciting racing , I was fortunate to be one of the guys running a bike and enjoyed it tremendously. There was a lot of laughs on Sat. as Big Will ran the lights and offered commentary as the racers qualified.

The event attracted quite a few spectators….a few hung around my pit and asked questions and really enjoyed watching the action, so much that a couple of them were going to order electric Pro-Mods this week and another wanted to get in on the electric dragster action. A couple of the guys were not new to rc racing have a background in off-road competition but expressed something I already knew……they said they couldn’t get over how friendly everyone they spoke to was. I too am a off-road convert and had felt the same welcome late last year when I started drag racing with this great group of guys. The racing has been great and even greater are the new friendships that have developed as a direct result of this little hobby of ours.

As with any big event there are sometimes some snags…. some people complained about the tardiness and or lack of keep things on schedule. I cannot answer for the Lynnwood management but want to express that this track is very new and I’m sure they take what they learned from this event to make the next one even better. Sundays delay was caused by a dead generator……once they got a replacement things I thought went pretty smooth. Some racers were even caught off guard when they were called to the line and were not ready, again this is a little new to some of the guy’s and will take some getting used to. Thats all I have for you folks at this time, I will try to make the next report a little more informative.



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