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Happy Thanksgiving From Big Squid RC


I just wanted to take a moment and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! This year has been nothing short of amazing for us, and I wanted to give thanks to all of our old and new fans/readers who have really put our numbers through the roof. Every month it seems Cubby is mentioning the fact that we had our best month ever, then the next month we some how top the previous. We appreciate every one of you guys! As much as Cubby complains, he loves checking his email box every day to see what the readers are talking about, and if for some reason he only has a few emails, he’s invading mine or someone else’s just to see what’s up. We love meeting our fans at events. A special thanks to everyone who came out to visit us at iHobby, Bash-a-Palloza or anywhere else we were this year! We had so many people coming up to say hi, or tell us how much they like the site, we barely had time to take a breath, but we loved it! Every night after a show we would all go out with huge grins on our faces. When you spend so much time behind the keyboard it’s hard to get a feel for how many people actually read the articles or appreciate the site, but it’s events like iHobby and the other shows where we get to hang out with the fans that opens our eyes to what’s going on. Thank you all!!

While I’m doing some thanking, I need to thank everyone here who helps make the magic happen. I couldn’t do any of this without them. Just a year ago I could count them on one hand. This year we had to take multiple vehicles to get to test locations or shows there are so many of us!
Thank You to Cubby, Tim, Bill aka “Wrench”, Evan, Adam the Intern, Robin (he’s the one that types with a British accent), Jeff, Jim, Craig the Crazy Ramp Builder, and 3DBill! Lets hope we keep growing just so we can keep up with the fans!

Finally thank you to all of our new and old faithful sponsors for their years of support! We appreciate every test vehicle and device! Even if it does not seem like it when we launch it off a roof, or drive it full speed into a brick wall. That’s just how we show affection.

Have a great Turkey Day everyone, and stay safe out there while shopping! Don’t forget to try and get some bashing in.


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Posted by in Big Squid RC on Thursday, November 24th, 2011 at 7:36 pm