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HB Racing RGT8-E

HB Racing 1/8 RGT8-E On-Road Kit

Coming soon from HB Racing is the RGT8-E 1/8th on-road racer. Normally a car like the RGT8-E would be used for paved on-road racing, but the 1/8 on-road platform could also make for a great speed run car. The latest offering from HB Racing offers all the latest technology in the class, have a look at some highlights-

* Based off the race proven nitro RGT8
* Fully adjustable battery mounting system
* 2-piece CNC machined motor mount
* 3mm heavy duty aluminum chassis
* 17mm wheel hubs
* Front & rear sway bars
* Highly adjustable suspension
* Efficient CVA driveshafts
* Aluminum caster and steering blocks
* Big bore shocks

Full details for the HB Racing RGT8-E are just one click away, or you can hit This Link to read more HB news on BigSquidRC.


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Posted by in New Products on Wednesday, December 19th, 2018 at 11:39 am