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HD FPV Racing – Coming Soon From Connex

Guys, this is big. As of now, all FPV racing drones utilize an analog video signal for flight imagery. Of course you can strap a GoPro or any other of about a dozen HD cameras on to your FPV racer to capture footage, but not to use as a flight camera. Aerial photography rigs have long used HD FPV (see: DJI LightBridge) because the latency associated with the HD feed is acceptable. Not so for FPV racing. Even 1ms of latency can mean the difference between hitting the gap or hitting the tree.

Thats all about to change on May 10th. Coming soon from Connex is an affordable, reliable HD FPV system for small and light-weight FPV racing drones. Pricing and specifics are still yet to be released, but you can visit the product page at to sign up for updates and read more about the pending announcement.

“Connex is changing the game in FPV racing. On May 10th, Connex will take FPV drone racing to a new era. Despite its fast growing popularity, FPV drone racing has been dogged by some technical challenges limiting wider spread adoption.

Connex addresses those head-on with mind-blowing realism and accuracy in video transmission and vision. Think analog to digital TV. Dial-up to fiber optic. That’s what we’re talking about. The sport will never be the same. We are going to release on our social channels more information in the coming days, till the grand announcement on May 10th.”

Check out the feature list released thus far:

  • Solid digital link
  • Fly simultaneously with up to twice as many pilots as analog FPV
  • Record on-board HD without the need of a secondary camera like a GoPro
  • Low latency 60fps video and transmission (near 0, under 1ms)
  • Many more features and info coming soon

For more information, visit the teaser page at GetFPV or check out the product page at Connex’s homepage.

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