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Heli-Max Black Hawk 1/43 Aerobatic Helicopter

Heli-Max 1/43 BLACK HAWK Brushless Aerobatic Helicopter

Heli-Max Black Hawk 1/43 Aerobatic Helicopter
Heli-Max has a new helicopter on the market, the famed Sikorsky UH-60 BLACK HAWK. The first thing you’ll notice about it is the incredible scale detail that it has. The realistic detail on the Heli-Max Black Hawk is quite impressive, from its rubber tires to its rotors, it looks just like the full size machine. Some of its other features include-

* Battery hatch attached with magnets for quick access
* Collective pitch 4 blade rotor head
* Variable pitch tail rotor
* Rotor diameter 12.8″
* Triple Axis Gyro Stabilization (TAGS)

The Black Hawk comes in two different versions, an RTF, part HMXE0838 that carries a street price of $349, and a Tx-R with a part number of #HMXE0839 and a street price of $299. For more information on everything Heli-Max Click This Link.

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