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Help Wanted – We Need More Squids!

Throughout the year, we get tons of emails from people interested in helping out Big Squid RC. Most of the time we are just too busy to think about trying to add a few more squids to the mix, but as the site continues to grow, it becomes more apparent we could use some more help.

We are looking to fill the following spaces:

Videographer – We need someone to edit video footage. We have tons of it, and we need someone who can make some awesome videos out of the stuff. Experience with Adobe Premier preferred.

Specific RC Scene Editors – Are you deep into large scale rc? Are you are hard core micro guy? Maybe RC Drag Racing is your thing? Are you a boat guy? We are looking to expand our expertise and news reporting in more fields, so if you want to share some of that knowledge with the world, we can help you do that.

Social Media Expert – Do you live and know your way around Facebook? Google+? Are you tweeting and pinning on the daily? Maybe you live in the forums? Maybe you think we are doing Facebook wrong, come help us fix it. We need someone to help us interact with the readers and fans in all social outlets while helping us expand to the ones we don’t reach yet.

WordPress Expert / Webmaster – Do you know WordPress like the back of your hand? Love setting up webpages, changing things around, making plugins? We have Jeff, but he is way overworked, and we could use someone to help keep us on top of the latest and greatest trends, help keep the page looking good, and work on future ways to get the news to our readers.

Do you think you should work for Big Squid, but none of the listed positions are for you? Let us know what we have missed. If you think you can help us out, and help us improve, let us know what we are missing. Marketing? Sales? Speak up!

If you have sent emails, or resumes, or inquiries, please send them again, we are starting the search from scratch. If you have been in the industry, or work close to people that are, that can be a plus, but isn’t necessary. Experience with webpage work, posts, forums, groups, also a plus. Keep in mind there is a LOT of work here, and it’s actual work.

Finally, being in the Chicago area would also be a plus. Again not necessary, but makes it way easier to get your hands on the latest RC gear we are testing.

Send an email to Brian with the subject ‘For Hire’, and maybe you can be part of the team. There are lots of great benefits, driving the latest vehicles before they are released, testing products that haven’t even been announced yet, buying Cubby lunch, exercise by washing Cubby’s cars… really it’s a good gig!

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Posted by in Big Squid RC on Friday, February 13th, 2015 at 7:30 pm