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Hitec H4 Plus Charger

Hitec H4 Plus Charger

Coming in July from the great folks at Hitec is the H4 Plus battery charger. The H4 Plus is a luxury 4-channel charger that is jam packed with all sorts of cool features. Here are some of the H4 Plus’s specifications-

* 32 bit high performance microprocessor
* Full aluminum case
* Hitec channel bridge function
* 128 x 64 backlit graphic LCD
* Charges Li-HV, Li-Po, Li-Fe, Li-ion, NiMH, NiCd, & Pb batteries
* Lithium storage mode
* NiMH cycle charge and discharge
* Lithium battery discard function
* Optional temp sensor
* Upgradable firmware
* Maximum lithium cell count – 6S
* Maximum charge rate – 8 amps X 4, or 16 amps X 2 when bridged
* 10 model memory
* Size – 205 x 163 x 52mm

The H4 Plus is street priced at $275, it has a part number of #44260, and full details await you over on Hitec’s Website.

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