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Hitec HSG-8315BH Servo

Hitec HSG-8315BH Ultra-fast Helicopter Tail Rotor Servo

Hitec HSG-8315BH Servo
There are “fast” servos, then there are “OMG FAST”! I think the new Hitec HSG-8315BH falls into the “OMG FAST” category. The 8315 was designed for use as the tail rotor servo on helicopters, but with its Karbonite gears and dual bearings it should make a good option for low torque surface applications. Its specifications at 7.4 volts are-

* Speed- .04
* Torque- 74 oz-in
* Size- 1.57 x 0.79 x 1.50 in
* Weight- 60 grams

The Hitec stock number is #38315 and it has a street price of $90. You can check out all of Hitec’s products on their Official Website.

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