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Hitec D Series Servo Guide

Hitec Quick Reference D-Series Servo Guide

Just posted by Hitec is a new Reference Guide to their D-Series servo line-up. Their new D-Series servos have been significantly improved from previous models, the reference guide makes it easy to find the D-Series equivalent of your current Hitec servo. Some of the key features of the new D-Series include-

* 1 million cycle life potentiometer
* 32-bit MCU w/ 12-bit ADC circuitry
* Programmable PWM amplifier
* 4.8 to 8.4 volt DC input power
* 25 tooth output spline
* Precise 4096 resolution
* Dual high quality bearings
* Soft-start circuitry

To get a look at the guide and bookmark it, simply click This Link. Also, you can Click Right Here to read all of the latest Hitec news on Big Squid.

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