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Hitec RDX1 AC/DC Battery Charger

Hitec RDX1 AC/DC Battery Charger

While Hitec is primarily known for their high-end servos, they also have a great battery charger line-up. Their latest charger is the RDX1. The RDX1 is a tower style charger that has an extra small footprint, leaving you extra space on your pit table. It is an AC/DC design, making it easy to use anywhere, and it can charge all the latest cell chemistries including LiHV.

* 3.2″ easy-to-read LCD screen
* Can be used with Charge Master computer software
* 10 battery memory
* LiPo battery meter
* Multiple Lithium battery charge modes
* Max charge rate is 6 amps
* Max discharge rate is 2 amps
* Max Lithium cell count- 6S
* Dimensions- 159 x 72.5 x 123mm

The RDX1 has a part number of #44245 and full details can be found over on Hitec’s Official Website.

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