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Hitec HS-83330SH and HS-8335SH Servo

Hitec Ultra Response, Steel Gear Servos, HS-8330SH and HS-8335SH

Hitec HS-83330SH and HS-8335SH Servo
Hitec has two new servos on the way- the HS-83330SH and the HS-8335SH. The two new servos are designed to deliver premium performance at an affordable price.

Both the Hitec HS-83330SH and the HS-8335SH are high voltage, high response, steel gear, digital servos. Their specs are- .07 speed at 181 oz/in for the 83330, and .13 at 333 oz/in for the 8335 (ratings at 7.4 volts). Street price for both servos is $89 and you can get more information on all things Hitec at their Official Website.

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