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Hitec Vektor 280 FPV Race Drone

Hitec Vektor 280 FPV Race Drone

Just announced for all you aspiring FPV drone racers is the Hitec Vektor 280. The Vektor 280 comes with a high-end carbon fiber chassis and is pre-assembled to save you time. All it takes to get the Vektor up and running is for you to supply a 5-channel transmitter, a 5.8GHz receiver, 3 or 4S LiPo battery, and video goggles. Some of the highlights of the Vektor 280 include-

* Integrated system board containing the ESC’s, flight controller, and video transmitter
* 5.8GHz 600mw video transmitter
* Four 20 amp ESCs with SimonK OneShot Setting
* Open Pilot CC3D flight controller
* STM32 32-bit MCU with 128KB Flash and 20KB RAM
* CC3D Atom with Open Pilot
* MPU6000 3 axis gyroscope/accelerometer
* 400K pixels, 135º field of view camera
* Four 2204 2150kV brushless motors
* 6 x 3 props
* Intelligent LED lighting system
* Weight: 348 grams
* Flight times up to 12 minutes

The Vektor has a part number of #61131 and you can find complete details at This Link on Hitec’s official website.

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