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Hitec X1 Mini Battery Charger

Hitec X1 Mini Battery Charger

The new Hitec X1 Mini is a great answer for those looking for a high quality, yet affordable, charger to go along with a new RTR. The X1 Mini has a small footprint, affordable price, and charges all of the common cell chemistries, plus the new LiHV cells.

* 60 watts of power
* User friendly software
* Battery meter
* Shows internal resistance of cells
* USB port for PC control and firmware upgrades
* Max charge rate of 6 amps
* Discharges at up to 2 amps
* Max cell counts of 8 cell NiMH & 4S LiPo
* Dimensions- 4.41″ x 4.17″ x 2.05″

The X1 Mini has a street price of $44, it has a part number of #44241, and Right Here is the link you want for full details over on Hitec’s website.

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