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X2 AC Plus Black Edition Charger

Hitec X2 AC Plus Black Edition Dual Charger

With newly increased capability and capacity, the Hitec X2 AC Plus Black Edition is headed soon to a hobby shop near you. The Hitec is an AC/DC unit that can be used just about anywhere. For power it sports a charge rate of up to 10 amps per channel and it can handle up to a 6S LiPo cell count. A built in 10 amp power supply makes it easy to charge off AC power, while its dual channels can make short work out of charging a big stack of batteries.

* 10 battery memories
* “Scan to Go” smartphone control
* Voice guide
* Discharges at up to 2 amps
* Balance charges on both outputs
* Charges LiHV, LiPo, LiFe, LiIon, NiMH, NiCd, and Pb

The part number for the black edition charger is #44270 and you can get full details over on Hitec’s Website.

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