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Hobao Hyper Cage Buggy-E

Hobao Hyper Cage Buggy-E 1/8th Scale RTR

Hobao Hyper Cage Buggy-E
The crew over at Hobao has a new entry into the basher 8th scale buggy market, the Hyper Cage Buggy-E. It looks eerily similar to the old XTM Sand Rail Buggy and offers a host of features that should make it quite popular to the hard-core bashing crowd. The big roll cage on the Hobao offers extra protection when going huge and is hinged to rotate easily out of the way to make wrenching easier. Velcro is used in the battery tray to make battery exchanges quick and easy. Throw in 4mm thick shock towers, front and rear sway bars, 17mm big bore shocks with C-hub front suspension, and they’ve got a serious bash machine on their hands. Hit up the official Hobao Website for more information.

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Posted by in HoBao, New Products on Wednesday, December 12th, 2012 at 8:30 am