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hobbyking commercial

HobbyKing on TV!

hobbyking commercial

Ok, it’s rare that we post anything about HobbyKing, and there is a long list of reasons, but that’s for another day. Today we saw the first HobbyKing ads on television! File this under our RC On TV section. This is big news in a few ways. Out of all the RC companies out there, how many are advertising on television? Traxxas. Ok.. that’s one. You could maybe get me to admit Associated with the Lucas Oil Series, but that’s not a full fledged RC commercial. After that it’s Air Hogs and Hot Wheels and NewBrite!

hobbyking commercialhobbyking commercial

The commercial is about 30 seconds long and is pushing their FPV video system and a foam plane to go along with it. There is a Dad and son out having a good time, enjoying the hobby of RC.

There are a lot of RC companies that have been worried about HobbyKing taking over a big chunk of the market, well we are witnessing the next step in their global domination. It’s running on several channels (Discovery, Science….) about every 30-min to every hour! Not sure for how long, but our guess is Christmas. Wow… just wow…


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Posted by in Hobby King, On TV on Friday, November 11th, 2011 at 4:24 pm