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HobbyKing Car FPV Wheel and Pedal Kit

HobbyKing Wheel and Pedal FPV Kit

HobbyKing Car FPV Wheel and Pedal Kit
The world of driving rc cars from the FPV (first person view) is getting larger every single day, in fact, many industry insiders will tell you FPV is the future of our hobby. If you haven’t gotten your feet wet in the FPV scene yet HobbyKing has introduced a new wheel and pedal kit to make it easier to get up and going. Instead of driving your rc car with the wheel and trigger on your transmitter, you drive with the supplied wheel and pedals to give you a much more realistic driving experience. Add the this wheel and pedal kit to an on board camera transmitting to a monitor and you will be hooked up with a legit FPV system.

Some of the highlights of the new HobbyKing FPV Wheel and Pedal Kit are-

* Fully programmable FPV control unit
* Comes with interface cables
* Easy set-up with nothing to install in vehicle
* Steering wheel has 11 buttons, D-pad and gear shift paddles
* 900 mm steering wheel cable
* Comes with brake and gas pedals
* 1600mm pedal cable

Street price will be right around $150, and you can learn more by visiting HobbyKing’s official WEBSITE.

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