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HobbyTech STR8 GT 8th Scale Electric Car

HobbyTech STR8 GT 8th Scale 4wd Electric On-Road Car Kit

HobbyTech STR8 GT 8th Scale Electric Car
HobbyTech has announced a new on-road car that might interest some of you speed freaks out there. Their new STR8 GT is an 8th scale 4wd beast that should be capable of putting serious power to the ground. Some of the features and specs include-

* Single pack layout for perfect weight balance
* CNC aluminium motor mount in 2 pieces for easy motor maintenance.
* Super safety battery box
* Narrow 3mm lightwheight chassis plate design
* Optimal weight distribution and ultra low center of gravity chassis
* New center differential mounting system for easy maintenance
* Teflon sealed bearing to use lighter ball bearing (14x8x4mm)
* Molded composite waterproof receiver box
* CNC machined 7075 T6, lightweight aluminium one piece front top plate
* New Steering geometry for more consistency through the rough and reduced bump-steer
* New lightweight center diff cup and brake disc
* Adjustable linkage for brake system
* Easily adjustable brake distribution
* Front and rear anti roll bar
* New gear case system for easy maintenance
* Front and rear flexible composite brace
* Lightweight diff cup for front, center and rear differential
* Safety 7 mm ball and new plastic ball end for steering
* New design front and rear lower arms
* Adjustable turnbuckles
* PRO CNC spiral cut helicoidal gears hard coated front and rear
* Clear Polycarbonate GT CONCEPT body included
* Multi position REAL rear wing for perfect aerodynamics
* Racing compound pre-glued tires made in Italy
* 3-6s LiPo capable
* Height- 160mm
* Wheelbase- 320-326mm
* Width- 306mm
* Front ride height- 7mm
* Rear ride height- 8mm
* Weight- 3450 grams

For more information on the new HobbyTech STR8 GT hit up the official HobbyTech Website.

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