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Horizon Fuel Cell Hydrogen Kits Shipping Soon!

Horizon Fuel Cell Horizon Fuel Cell

I think when we all first heard the story of the Horizon Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology, nobody was going to hold their breath. Well, it looks like the world is about to find out if it’s actually true! Not to be confused with Horizon Hobbies here in the US, these guys are coming right out of Singapore.
The kit is called the H-Cell 2.0, and is basically a mini hydrogen fuel cell to be used in RC Vehicles. It’s actually pretty exciting news to see a new type of energy come to the RC market. Remember when nobody thought LiPo’s would catch on?

Horizon Fuel Cell Horizon Fuel Cell

The kits will start shipping very soon, and the vehicle will be introduced this year at the Mondial du Modelisme show in Paris.
For more info check the Website.

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Posted by in Fuel Cell on Monday, May 24th, 2010 at 10:32 pm