For Bashers, By Bashers!

Hot Bodies Ve8 Electric Buggy!

Hot Bodies Ve8 buggy

Hot Bodies Ve8 buggy Holy Moly, look at this buggy! The new Hot Bodies Ve8 looks sweet! Some of the big highlights, Molded composite chassis, big bore shocks, fit Novak, NEU, and Castle Motors, Optional Mechanical brake!!
Talk about trying to revolutionize the 1:8 buggy market, these guys are pulling out all the stops! I really look forward to seeing if that chassis can take a basher beating! One probably with current buggy design for bashers, after a day of big air, your chassis looks like a pretzel. Optional Mechanical Brake?!!? How sweet will that be? Spiral cut diffs, your gonna need them with the brushless power this thing is going to handle!
Hot Bodies Ve8 buggy Hot Bodies Ve8 buggy
I’d like to see a little more realistic / scale body with that being the current trend lately, but I’m sure someone will come out with something for it. I look forward to giving this vehicle a good bashing! Can’t wait for the release!
HPI and Hot Bodies have really been making waves in the RC industry lately! I’m glad to see it.. the people on top have been taking it too easy up there, they keep resting on their names, and HPI/HB is going to be king of the hill before too long.

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Posted by in Hot Bodies, RC Buggy on Friday, August 14th, 2009 at 12:08 am