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hpi gas apache c1

HPI 1/8th Scale Gas Engine Fits Everything?

hpi gas apache c1

Remember a while back when HPI Racing  hinted that they were going to go to gas soon ? Well 5 months later, here we are, and here is HPI’s new 1/8th scale gas engine! What’s really cool, is that it looks like they are planning for it to fit a lot of their 1/8th scale vehicles. They have a Gas Savage XL, Apache C1, Apache SC, and a D8T!

The engine itself looks like it still has a nitro carb on it, but now with a huge engine head and spark plug. If they some how manage to get some serious power out of these things, this may be the beginning of the swing away from electric. Especially for bashers! We love the noise!

Update: Check our all of our HPI XG engine pics from Nuremberg Show Here .

The official HPI Racing does not have any details yet, but we will get what we can from Nuremberg show this week.

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