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HPI Racing Blitz ese HPI Racing Blitz ese

Wow, it looks like HPI Racing is getting serious about their support of the short course trucks! First, I really REALLY dig the original Blitz, but this Blitz ESE looks amazing! The parts are all color coded which is very cool! So you know what parts have more flex and what parts are stiffer based on the color/shade they are. So there are firmer skid plates, but less firm a-arms for more give and absorption.

The HPI Blitz ESE will come in kit form, it also has aluminum shocks and shock caps, and a ton of other upgrades! I’m really looking forward to seeing this vehicle in person.

Drop by the official HPI Racing site for more information.

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Posted by in HPI Blitz on Saturday, February 13th, 2010 at 11:48 am