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HPI Hopup Parts

HPI Racing have just released a couple of shiny new hopups for the Sprint 2 and the Savage XS

HPI Sprint 2 suspension pin braces


Add some color to your ride with these orange anodised suspension pin braces. They will fit all Sprint 2 chassis’, and four screwsto fit them are included.





HPI Savage XS universal drive shaft


If you’re after faster corner speeds and smoother power delivery from your Savage XS, you’ll want a set of these machined steel Universal drive shafts. HPI claim that they’re tougher than the stock dogbones, so they should be perfect for running high powered motors and doing triple backflips wild stunts too!





Check out the HPI Website for details.


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Posted by in HPI Racing on Thursday, October 13th, 2011 at 9:33 am