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HPI Makes My Dream Come True!

For years, (literally) I have been asking body manufacturers to create a hearse. HPI Racing finally did it! It’s called the Grave Robber, and is modeled after a late 1950’s hearse! It’s made from .040 thick clear polycarbonate and is ready to fit the Savage, T-Maxx/E-Maxx size monster trucks. AWESOME! I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

A short time back we talked about the new Baja 5B SS kit. We have a few more details on it now. It will have a larger 26cc engine, new tuned pipe and header, new clutch setup, and this sweet looking gunmetal chassis with orange accent pieces! I like orange! No radio or receiver, but it does come with high output steering servo. Very nice! Anyone building a kit, usually has radio stuff laying around, but probably wouldn’t have good enough servo to handle this bad boy. If anyone out there needs some Christmas gift ideas for me, I think I would be extremely happy to find one of these under the tree! *hint hint*

HPI Racing has also sent word about the new E-Firestorm 10T. It’s the first ever 2WD Electric truck from HPI. Full bearing set, 15 turn motor, oil-filled threaded shocks, and lots of option parts are going to help this truck stand out in the crowd. If anyone picks one up, let me hear about it!

Finishing the HPI Racing news today is the 1/10th scale RTR Spring 2 Drift Sport. It’s 4wd, comes with hard compound pre-mounted drift tires, and officially licensed replica bodies like the Toyota Trueno AE86 or the Nissan GReedy 350Z. Looks good! Anyone doing any drifting in the Chicago Area?

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Posted by in HPI Racing on Wednesday, October 24th, 2007 at 11:32 pm