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HPI Racing HobbyTown USA

HPI Racing At The HobbyTown USA Convention

We have to say that it was really nice to see HPI Racing at the 2016 HobbyTown USA National Convention. HPI has had a rather wild year, to see their new products, and to get a chance to talk to the new people in charge, was really cool. We got a chance to look, ok drool, over some of their new cars and trucks, plus we got a chance to ask lots of questions.

Mat and Alan from HPI were very up front and honest with us. Their number one priority right now is getting HPI replacement parts back on the shelves so that you guys can get back to bashing without having to worry about breaking your truck. We got a chance to hold the Venture FJ Cruiser in our hands, a truck that set the internet on fire and had everyone in our office ready to trade their first born for a chance to drive it. Needless to say, the Venture looked even better in person that it has in press photos, it has an impressive amount of detailing and just plain looks superb. The bad news is that right now the HPI folks don’t expect it to start shipping until very late this year, or early 2017. The good news is that from what we saw, it will be well worth the wait.

Also on display were a number of Maverick products. Maverick is a line of affordable cars aimed at the basher market, we have tested a couple of them and were quite impressed. Look for the Marverick line to make much more of an impact on American shores in the coming months and it was yet another HPI product that just looked incredible when held in-hand.

If you have been waiting to hear just how HPI is doing, it looked/sounded like they are super stoked and ready to do everything it takes to get back to where the brand had been years ago. Nearly all our staffers have been HPI fans for decades, what we heard and saw at the HobbyTown convention was very reassuring that HPI will be back to full speed in the coming months.

To get all the latest news from HPI you can hit up This Link to visit their official website or you can Click Right Here to view all of our HobbyTown USA show coverage.


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