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Hyperion EOS 0840i

Hyperion EOS 0840i 1000 Watt Charger

It has been a while since Hyperion has released a new charger. For years their chargers were considered the best of the best, now they have announced the EOS 0840i to help continue that legacy. What’s new on the 0840i?

* Maximum charge current of 40 amps
* Up to 8S Lithium cell count
* Can charge the new LiHV cells
* High power balancing
* 10 memory profiles
* Can be used with used with EOS PC Tool analyzing & charging software
* Can be used with smart devices via optional WiFi module and APP
* Maximum discharge current is 8 amps
* 11-30 volts input voltage
* 2 built-in cooling fans
* 2 x 16 LCD display

Pricing for the 0840i is $169, it has a part number of #HP-EOS0840i, and they are shipping right now. Get all the finer details at This Link.

Click On This Link to read more about Hyperion on BigSquidRC.

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