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icharger 308 duo battery charger

iCharger 308 Duo Battery Charger

icharger 308 duo battery charger
The king of the heavyweight chargers, the iCharger 4010, now has a little brother, the 308 Duo. While the 308 might not put up the big numbers the 4010 does, it is no lightweight at 30 amps per channel or 50 amps mono. Some of its other features and specifications include-

* Max cell count: 8S Lipo, 25 NiMH
* Max charge power: 1300 watts mono or 800 per channel
* Max discharge power: 120 watts mono or 80 per channel
* Includes USB charge port
* DC input: 10-30V
* Dimensions: 171 x 118 x 59 mm

The iCharger 308 Duo has a street price of $269 and they are available right now. Hit up This Link for more information.

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