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iHobby 2008 Photos – Part 2 of Many

What a great show iHobby has been so far. We have met a ton of people this year. We have also had a chance to meet a lot of fans of the site which is really great! Now and then we tend to forget that more then just friends and family actually read the reviews and articles up here, and hearing from people all over the US stopping in to tell us they liked a certain video or review is really cool! It’s also clear that word is spreading about the site and the photo’s. I think today has had the most visitors in our sites history! Thanks for all your support!

Shortly after this post will be another breaking news Traxxas update, so make sure to check back shortly once we get the story up.

At our demo’s today we had a real blast putting on the show. We had Pro Drivers Tim Mohr and Jason Annis catching some big air and showing off their bashing roots. They, along with Chris “thenewguy821” in our forums were giving Elizabeth some tips as she raced our Traxxas Slash around our obstacle course. Shawn Palmer from Schumacher Racing also came out to play on the course.

Xtreme Racing had an amazing looking chassis and shock towers for the Slash. I think these will be some must have products for you hop-up fans.

Over in the Schumacher Racing booth was Nic Case’s Mi3 Speed Run vehicle! Who would of thought our Big Squid RC sticker could do 161mph! My claim is that those stickers actually add about 2mph to RC vehicles. 🙂

Jason did a real number on one of his vehicles he brought for the show. We tell everyone we bash hard, and Jason fits right in with the group!

Tim Mohr also gave us a little ‘Race Face’ behind the famous King Squid Grand Motor Sports RC Dragster.

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