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Ares Z-Line V-Hawk X4

Incredible New Ares Z-Line V-Hawk X4

Are you looking for a unique flying experience? Are you burnt out on the drone scene and want to try something new? If so, look no further than the new Ares V-Hawk X4. You see, the V-Hawk can take off vertically, then you can flip a switch to transition to forward flight like a normal airplane. The way the V-Hawk is set-up opens up a bunch of new flying options, all of which look like a lot of fun. You can fly it like a quad, or fly it like an airplane, the V-Hawk was designed to be something different, all the while maintaining a scale look.

* Rotating motor nacelles
* Sophisticated flight control board with stabilization
* 3 versions available- RTF, pair to fly, or receiver ready
* 2 versions come with the reliable Hitec Red 2.4GHz radio protocol
* Durable EPO airframe
* Powered by four 2730kV brushless motors
* 12A brushless ESCs
* Two 9g servos, one 17g MG servo
* 1300mAh 4S Li-Po battery
* Comes painted & trimmed in US Marines livery
* 98% pre-built
* 8″ diameter props (2 x clockwise, 2 x counterclockwise)

Want more details? That’s easy, simply hit up This Link to visit the official Ares website.

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