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Industry News – LRP America, AKA Typo, & RC Driver

LRP AmericaBack in September LRP opened up a new facility in Southern California. Their long term distribution deal with Associated had ended so LRP America was formed. Here in America we are used to only seeing LRP electronic speed controllers, but they have a much more vast product line that includes cars, trucks and buggies. Now it sounds like us Yanks will be gaining access to a more LRP products. An excerpt from a recent LRP press release states, “Soon, a new range of products that were previously only available in Europe will now be ready and available in North America.”. The BigSquidRC staff can’t wait to see what LRP has in store for American hobbyists.

RC Driver MagazineThe crew over at RC Driver Magazine have announced a deal with TNG Distribution Services to place an additional 4,000 copies of their magazines in retailers like Kroeger, Safeway, Albertson’s, and Publix.

This deal will be in effect for the February, March and April issues of RC Driver, making it easier for you to get your hands on a copy while spreading the word on the rc hobby. We are all about seeing the hobby grow and hopefully this deal will help expose rc to people that were previously unaware of it.

AKA tiresRecently AKA named a new set of their tires Slingshot. For you bashers, you instantly remembered that name as the line of paddle tires from Pro-Line. AKA shot out a press release saying, “As it turns out, we are much better at designing tires than we are at checking to see if names are already in use within our industry. For this reason we have decided to change the name of our Slingshot tires to Typo. While you will see some tires on the shelves with the old name the new Typo branded tires will be hitting the shelves in late December and early January. We would like to thank Pro-Line for working with us on this mistake and for keeping our battles to the race track instead of the court room.”. It is good to see companies in our hobby working things out without involving the legal system.


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