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Injora Extended TRX4M Axles

Injora +4mm Extended Aluminum Front & Rear Axles for the TRX-4M

Injora has released Extended (+4mm) Aluminum Front and Rear Axle Axles (#4M-61FR) for the Traxxas TRX-4M. Whether you want your 1/18 trail truck to have a wider stance or you’re converting your rig into a rock buggy and need more support, these axles look like a great option to consider.

Made from CNC-machined aluminum, these complete axles are a direct replacement for the stock TRX-4M axles. Simply remove the originals and replace them with this upgrade. You should note that the stock steering links aren’t compatible with the front axle kit due to the extended width of the axle.

Injora +4mm Extended Aluminum Front & Rear Axle Specs:

  • Housing Material: Aluminum
  • Gear Material: 20CrMo Alloy Steel
  • CVD Shaft Material: Hardened Steel
  • Gear Ratio: 24/12=2:1 (Same as Stock)
  • Total Length: 122mm (4.80in)
  • Front Axle Weight: 48g (1.69oz)
  • Rear Axle Weight: 42g (1.48oz)

Injora +4mm Extended Aluminum Axle Options:

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