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Injora High Voltage 30kg Servo

Injora High-voltage 20kg & 30kg Digital Servos for 1/10 Bashers

Injora has released two new servos aimed at the performance needs of 1/10-scale bashers. The new High-voltage 20kg & 30kg Digital Servos blend durability and performance for hobbyists on a budget.

Each servo features metal gearing and is IP66 waterproof. A combination of aluminum and nylon serves as the case for these servos, and both the 20kg and 30kg servos have their torque capability listed on the main sleeve.

Injora High-voltage 20 & 30kg Digital Servo Specs:

  • Dead band: 4μs

  • Neutral position: 1500μs/ 330hz

  • Motor: Core motor

  • Remote Control Angle: 90–120°(±2°)

  • 500–2500us Angle: 180°(±2°)

  • Voltage range : 4.8V-8.4V

  • Operating Speed(6.0V): 0.17”/60°

  • Operating Speed(7.4V): 0.15”/60°

  • Stall Torque(6.0V): 24.3

  • Stall Torque(7.4V):

  • Dimensions: 40.52040.5mm

  • Weight: 62g

  • Connector Wire Length: JR 300 mm

  • Bearing: 2BB

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