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Ruddog RC Iris ONE Competition Touring Car Kit

Iris ONE Competition 1/10 Touring Car Kit

Over at Ruddog they have announced their first competition car called the Iris ONE Competition Touring Car Kit. This 1/10th scaled high-end touring car was designed by Andreas Myrberg for the highest levels of performance. Here are the highlights-

* Unique pushrod design with torsion springs & single-lever rotational shocks
* Super low center of gravity
* Ultra-narrow bulkhead design
* Efficient three-belt drive train
* Optional direct-mount aluminum fan
* Double wishbone design with identical arms on all four corners
* Revolutionary pitch and heave shock system
* Easily adjustable Ackermann geometry
* Adjustable track width with inserts
* Available with carbon or aluminum chassis

You can use this link to get full details on the Iris ONE Competition Touring Car Kit which is priced at 699 €.

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Posted by in New Products on Wednesday, November 30th, 2022 at 10:21 pm