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ISC Speed Challenge (closed course) initial report

International RC Speed Run Challenge

The 2nd closed course event for the ISC was held this weekend at the Major Taylor Velodrome in Indiana this past weekend. The reports are just being posted:

From Mike Ogle:

Just got back from Indianapolis this evening, here’s a recap of what went down.

Shawn Palmer set the mark in Open Wheel with a 4WD Schumacher CAT 4wd buggy on foams, 50.57 mph. Also bumped up his own 4WD Stock record to 68.83.

Local racer Tony Fox reset 2WD stock to 80.41, fast lap being a 9.27 seconds.

Steve Cutshaw dusts off his old oval car setup, 6-NiMH cells, D5 brushed motor, enters it into Electric MOD (!!!) and goes 76.38 to claim the new record.

Nic Case bests his own Electric OPEN 83.76 record from Encino with an 84.90 in an incredible thrash session of blowing up and changing tires and showcasing some exceptional high-speed car handling skills.

The Indy host club was as nice a group of people as you could ever meet, Mr. Gerry Pullum went above and beyond to make sure everyone came away with something… a door prize, a plaque, a trophy, or just a big smile.

Really fun weekend, excellent weather, we had a blast… more details to follow…

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