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iSDT SC620 Battery Charger

iSDT SC620 Smart LCD Battery Charger From TheBuildRC

New from the folks over at TheBuildRC is the iSDT SC620 Smart Charger. What sets the iSDT apart? Well, it has a seriously cool display among other things. The display on the SC620 is 2.4″ in size kicking out 262K different colors with enhanceed luminescence and contrast ratio. In other words, it isn’t the low-end display found on most units. It also has a unique looking modern design that looks closer to a piece of art than it does a battery charger. What are some of its other features?

* 320×240 IPS LCD display
* Charges- LiHV, LiPo, LiFe, LiIon, NiMH, & NiCd
* Up to 20 amp charge rate
* Up to 5 amp discharge
* 1000mA/cell balance current
* 6S maximum cell count
* Easy to use menu that cuts operating steps up to 80%
* ARM 32bit High speed CPU
* 5V/2A USB output for smart device charging
* High speed fan
* Size- 115 x 130 x 52 mm

The iSDT is shipping right now with a street price of just $89. Want all the glorious details? Find them At This Link on TheBuildRC’s official website.

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