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iSDT X16 Dual Port Charger

iSDT X16 Dual Port Charger

Over at iSDT they have announced the mighty X16 Dual Port Battery Charger. The X16 sports up to 1100 watts X 2 of charging power, with a maximum cell count of 16S LiPo! Here are more highlights-

* Support 2~16S LiFe, LiPo, LiHv, LiHv batteries
* Maximum total output power of 2200 watts
* Supports Bluetooth Connect Function and Mobile Operations
* Charging current- 1~20 amps
* Discharging current- 0.5~3.0 amps
* Dimension: 276 × 246 × 82mm
* Weight- About 3.5kg

To get full details, use this link to make the jump over to the official iSDT Website. Also, you can Click Here to read more iSDT news on Big Squid.


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Posted by in New Products on Thursday, March 11th, 2021 at 2:23 pm