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Unboxing 2018 ARRMA Talion BLX Truggy

It’s Gnarly! Unboxing The 2018 ARRMA Talion

Here it is folks, the 2018 ARRMA Talion BLX Truggy. The ’18 version of the Talion is lean, mean, and was designed to be a gnarly machine of bash destruction.

After opening the box, here are a few notes we jotted down.

Wow, now that is a low body. The body is so low that the tires nearly sit higher than it does, and that is without batteries installed. However, the reduction in height isn’t just the body, but the rear wing has also been lowered. Add to that new dish wheels and the new Talion is much more aero efficient than the previous model. What that means to you is less drag and more top speed.

Also new is the battery tray. It uses a pair of Velcro straps and looks sizable enough to handle some pretty hefty packs. Speaking of batteries, we are using a pair of Duratrax Onyx 3S 5400 packs for our testing. These are not included with the truck, but we’ve had good luck with them in the past and we can’t wait to see the speeds we get out of them.

The ’18 Talion also gets some new shoes, this time in the way of dBoots Katar tires. These look very cool, but look more dirt oriented than street, so we are super interested to find out how they hold up at speed.

Both shock towers are short, really short for a 1/8th scale truggy. Once again, lower towers were used to lower the body for improved aerodynamics at speed.

We took a quick look at the larger receiver box stiffer servo mount. Both look like nice additions to the truck.

The new 4mm shock shafts look beefy! While we have yet to drive the truck, now we need to make it a point to see if we can break one. From the looks of them in person, it certainly does not look easy.

Also new are stronger arms, front hubs, bulkheads, and chassis braces. The old parts were pretty tough, we have the feeling we are going to have to get extra stupid to get the beefed up Talion to break. 🙂

Have a look at our unboxing photos below where you can zoom in at parts that are of special interest to you. Sitting in hand, the ’18 Talion really looks gnarly, if it drives half as good as it looks, it is going to be a beast!

The 2018 Talion BLX is expected to start shipping in early October. If you want to be one of the first people on your block to get one, you should probably get one on pre-order now. They are street priced at just $499 and you can hit This Link to visit the official ARRMA website.

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