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It’s National Hobby Month!

So if you are reading this post, odds are good that you are already supporting a hobby or two. Thank you! The goal of National Hobby Month for us is to help introduce some more people to hobbies and maybe go visit that local hobby shop you haven’t been inside of for a while. We know you guys get a lot of stuff on-line, but there are still some awesome hobby shops left that can use your support! Lets face it, there is someone in your life, a cousin, a neighbor, a neighbor kid, maybe your own kids that could use some sort of hobby in their life. It does not have to be RC there are a LOT of great hobbies out there. Trains, models, air craft, painting, whatever. Why don’t you try and take one of these people in your life to your local shop. Show them around, introduce them to the owner or workers (we know you know them!) and see if there is anything new you need while you are there. Seriously, go give it a try, and get someone into a hobby.

We should have a Hobby Shop challenge! The first 20 people to send in a photo of themselves AND a friend, a kid, whoever, in a hobby shop, in front of the RC Department if possible, maybe holding their newest vehicle, whatever it is, we will send you a Big Squid RC Sticker Pack! You don’t have to buy the vehicle, just be holding it, this way we can make sure you aren’t sending us a photo you took from the hobby shop in the 90’s! LOL. Send your photo to contest (at) BigSquidRC dot com. It does not have to be RC, that was just a suggestion.

Need help finding a local hobby shop, or want more hobby info? Check out the My Hobby Fun Website for details and locations near you!

PS: No you do not have to be in the USA for this one, anyone world wide, go out and find a hobby shop! You have till the end of January, but I’m guessing we will get 20 photos way before then. Have fun, and make sure to tell the hobby shop Big Squid RC sent ya! If we hear from Hobby Shop owners, maybe we’ll do a promotion for them!

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Posted by in Industry News on Wednesday, January 8th, 2020 at 10:41 pm