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It’s Official! DJI Announces the Matrice 100 Open Source Quadcopter

After the rumors I reported of a new DJI quadcopter platform, my email was graced with the official announcement: DJI has a new drone development platform called the Matrice  100(well, the rumors were close)! Featuring a modular platform with a full software development kit, the Matrice 100 has these other features:

  • Optional sensor platform for collision detection for elevations below 65ft
  • Upgrade to a second battery port for up to 30 minutes flight times
  • A shock-style landing strut for softer landings
  • Radio featuring up to 1.2 miles in range!

There’s a whole pile of features Right Here straight from the DJI webpage that is too in depth for me to cover, but pricing for the base Matrice 100 system goes for $3300, which is around the average price of an Inspire, but with the ability to modify and program.

DJI party on BigSquidRC over HERE!


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Posted by in New Products, rc helicopter on Tuesday, June 9th, 2015 at 9:54 am