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JConcepts 9 Shot 17mm Hex SCT Wheels

JConcepts 9 Shot 17mm Hex SCT Wheels

New from Jason and the crew at JConcepts are 9 Shot 17mm Hex SCT Wheels. The new 9 Shots are sized to fit standard short course truck tires and come with a 17mm wheel hex to make them easy to mount to your 8th scaler. Check out these highlights-

* Designed for 1/8th vehicles converted to use SCT tires
* Features a deep 3D depth spoke with ghosted recess
* Center section has lightening holes
* Heavy-duty 17mm wheel hex
* Available in white, black, or yellow
* Maximum size allowed under ROAR rules
* Outer glue catch to prevent excess glue from running down the wheel
* Manufactured using advanced techniques to ensure trueness & durability
* 1:1 inspired styling
* 2 wheels included per package
* Vent holes
* Fits a wide variety of 1/8th off-road vehicles

The JConcepts 9 Shot 17mm Hex SCT Wheels are street priced at $12 and have a part number of #3421.

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