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JConcepts Battery Plug Pull Set

JConcepts Battery Plug Pull Set

Now shipping from JConcepts is a Battery Plug Pull Set. This high-end battery plug pull set not only looks trick, but can also make changing out batteries easier. Here are the highlights-

* Great for increasing your wire management game
* CNC machined “Frying pan” design with plenty of grippy sections
* Grippy sections and edges for ease of removal
* Negative post anodized in black, Positive post in blue
* Includes 5mm replacement battery plugs
* Set screw built in for locking security
* Includes L wrench to adjust set screw

The JConcepts Battery Plug Pull Set has a part number of #5029 and is street priced at $21.

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Posted by in New Products on Monday, April 15th, 2024 at 5:09 pm