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JConcepts Hunk Scale Crawling 1.9 Tires

JConcepts Drops A Pair Of New Class 1 Scale Truck Tires

New from the good folks over at JConcepts are a pair of new scale rock crawling tires. The new tires are called Hunk and Tusk, with both having the scale look, and on trail performance, that you want on your scale crawler. Here are more highlights-

* Medium density closed cell foam inserts
* Molded from JC’s super soft Green rubber compound
* Hunk- 3.93″ overall diameter
* Tusk- 4.19″ overall diameter
* Hunk- Husky outer tread for paddle effect traction
* Tusk- Cut & sliced lugs for contortion control
* Hunk- Old western tire lettering
* Tusk- Super v-block design with open center

The JConcepts Hunk Crawling Tires, as well as the JConcepts Tusk Crawling Tires, are street priced at $24 per pair.

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Posted by in New Products on Tuesday, September 21st, 2021 at 1:57 pm