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JConcepts Finnisher 3x6mm Titanium Motor Screws

JConcepts Finnisher 3x6mm Titanium Motor Screws

Over at JConcepts they have announced Finnisher 3x6mm Titanium Motor Screws. The Finnisher motor screws are high-end units made from ulta-lightweight Titanium and they feature significantly more surface area than normal motor screws. Check out these highlights-

* Large diameter head which eliminates need for washer
* Made from high-grade machined titanium
* Tough black anodizing
* Standard 3mm bolt threading
* 2.5mm adjustment hex head

The JConcepts Finnisher Motor Screws have a part number of #2549 and are street priced at $11.

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Posted by in New Products on Monday, December 14th, 2020 at 3:15 pm