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JConcepts J21 Javelin F1 Body

JConcepts J21 Javelin F1 Body

Coming soon from JConcepts is the J21 Javelin body. The J21 was designed to fit the Associated F6 F1 car and features a low profile design. And while the J21 sports a normal F1 style of look, it was engineered in such a way as to keep weight located as low as possible, all the while being formed for enhanced handling.

* Bottom plate addition for increased down-force
* Lightweight driver’s helmet
* Deep driver’s cockpit
* Stabilization fin
* Detailed decal sheet
* Recessed vents

Street pricing for the body is $25 and it has a part number of #0342. You can use This Link for full details, or you can Click Here for more JConcepts news on BigSquidRC.


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Posted by in New Products on Friday, July 28th, 2017 at 7:28 pm