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JConcepts Nessi 2.2″ Rear Tire

JConcepts Nessi 2.2″ Rear Buggy Tire

Is it carpet season yet? In fact, yes it is. To give you another great option down at your local carpet for Astro track, JConcepts has announced the Nessi 2.2″ rear buggy tire. The Nessi was designed for loads of forward bite, as well as stability. Here are the highlights-

* 3D blended, medium height pins
* Wide stance carcass
* Low profile design
* Comes with open cell foam inserts
* Molded in JConcepts’ pink rubber compound

MAP pricing for a pair of the JConcepts Nessi Buggy Tires comes in at $15 and they have a part number of #3167-010.

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Posted by in New Products on Thursday, November 15th, 2018 at 11:41 am