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Jevries True Hop Gate Pump Servo

Jevries True Hop “Gate Pump” R/C Lowrider Servo

If you’re striving to get more “bounce” from your radio-controlled lowrider, check out this new servo release from Jevries. The True Hop “Gate Pump” Servo has been specifically designed to handle the rear-end hop n’ pop action of an R/C lowrider.

Fitting perfectly in any of Redcat’s lowrider models with rear-end hopping functionality, the True Hop “Gate Pump” servo can handle up to 8.4v of power (with a 10a BEC). This servo features an aluminum case with a black finish and exposed aluminum accents.

To get the best performance out of this servo, Jevries recommends using stiffer shocks on the rear of your lowrider (depending on how much weight is placed in the trunk). Additionally, using an extended servo horn with shorter shock shafts would be best, allowing the car to get as low as possible while still achieving a true-to-live “hop.”

Jevries True Hop “Gate Pump” Servo Specs:

  • Voltage: 7.4V- 8.4V Do not exceed!
  • Gears: Super Steel Gears
  • Bearing: 3 HQ Ball Bearings
  • Operating Temperature: -15°C – +70°C
  • Pulse / Frequency: 1520uS/ 333Hz
  • Operating Speed:
    • 0.053sec/60° @ 7.4V
    • 0.043sec/60° @ 8.4V
  • Static Holding Torque:
    • 21.0 kg-cm (292 oz-in) @ 7.4V
  • 24.0 kg-cm (333 oz-in) @ 8.4V
  • Size: 402037.2mm 1.57781.46inch
  • Motor Type: Brushless
  • Spline: 25T/ Dead Band Width 2uSec

Priced at $119.99, the True Hop “Gate Pump” R/C lowrider servo can be found online at

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